Commercial Remodeling

At Jung Tile & Granite of Victoria, Texas, we excel in commercial remodeling. Our skilled team specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, painting, cabinet installations, and fitting countertops and luxury vinyl flooring. Harnessing our expertise in commercial remodeling, we aim to provide quality results that exceed your expectations. We’re committed to transforming commercial spaces into areas of functional elegance.

Customizing Commercial Spaces For Beauty And Function

Jung Tile & Granite has been involved in commercial remodeling projects for many area South Texas business establishments, including banks, churches, retail showrooms, medical offices, hospitals, and restaurants. Our work has run the gamut from ceramic / porcelain tiling, luxury vinyl flooring installation, carpeting, heat welded sheet vinyl, and countertops to painting, electrical work, plumbing, lighting, suspended ceiling replacement. Even exterior tiling work is part of our wheelhouse. If you can dream it for your business, our experienced subcontractors can build it.

Visit with our commercial project managers whose expertise in the field will help you determine what will and won’t work in your space, and from there, help you select finishing materials to breathe life into your vision. We specialize in customizing spaces for both beauty and functionality.

Stunning commercial chandelier hanging from the ceiling

Providing Personalized Client Communication

We understand that in many instances, individuals spend more waking hours in their professional environments than in their homes. Recognizing this reality, we at Jung Tile & Granite of Victoria, Texas, place immense value in our commercial remodeling projects, aiming to shape workplaces that offer both a welcoming atmosphere and a calming ambience for employees and clients alike.

Taking your commercial space’s remodeling from the realm of idea to tangible reality, we prioritize understanding your unique needs and vision for the space. We believe in striking a balance between your envisioned aesthetics and practical functionality – carefully considering what the space can feasibly accommodate without compromising its usability or charm. Our expert team specializes in a range of services including bathroom and kitchen remodeling, painting, cabinet installations, countertops, and fitting luxury vinyl flooring, always striving to provide a finished product that not only meets but hopefully surpasses your expectations.

There’s a deep sense of satisfaction in witnessing our quality products and skilled craftsmanship stand the test of time in the commercial establishments we help transform. Our contributions in the realm of commercial remodeling are significant, creating spaces that are safe, pleasing, and functional for those who frequent them. The knowledge that our work plays a part in cultivating a positive and efficient environment for staff and visitors alike is what drives our passion and dedication in every commercial remodeling project we undertake.

Our Commercial Remodeling Process

Listening is the key to delivering. We ask a lot of questions, look at the space, listen to what is said, and even what is not said, to better understand our clients’ needs and priorities so that we can do all we can to produce their visions in a cost-effective manner. We assess what can and cannot be done in a practical manner, and offer suggestions that may not have come to mind. We are adept at working around your business schedules to help keep your operational downtime to a minimum. New products and technologies arrive on the scene frequently in our industry, so we strive to keep ourselves and our team of craftsmen updated on these, and we all work diligently to produce an exceptional end result. We believe communication is another key to a successful project and partnership, so we make every effort to keep you informed of our plans and progress, and make you aware if we run into any unforeseen concerns.

Remodel work naturally has unforeseen variables, so proactive problem solving may help reduce additional costs while also minimizing lost production time. Our goal is always to get your business fully operational as quickly as possible.

Please contact us about any potential remodeling efforts that you are considering for your commercial establishment. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your staff.

Commercial Remodeling in Victoria TX & Surrounding Areas

Our showroom consultants have years of experience to bring you inspiration and different design options to choose from. We work with our clients one-on-one to provide as much (or as little) guidance as you want or need. From new builds, to remodels and restoration, we can help you select products that both complement your lifestyle and complete your vision. If you’re unsure of what you want, we can help you explore the abundant possibilities we have to choose from!

The Finishing Touches

With all the options of backsplashes to choose from, you’re sure to find one to match any of these
countertop options! We’re happy to help find the perfect complement to your project.

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