3 Easy Ways to Increase home Equity

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If you’re looking to sell your home, increasing your home equity will help to obtain the best possible offer once on the market. While “renovation” may seem daunting, many home equity-increasing improvements come at a low cost and require minor labor. This article will provide three simple home-improvement tips that could add a significant dollar amount to your home’s value and, in turn, increase your overall equity.

How to increase home equity by improving your house

You can increase your home equity by improving your house. Even if you don’t sell right away, this improvement can make a big difference in your property value over time. When it comes to home renovations and remodels that increase equity, some are more effective than others. If you want to invest in projects that will have a major impact on your property’s value and equity, you should focus on three key areas: the kitchen, the bathroom, and the exterior.

Invest in the Kitchen

The best way to increase home equity is to invest in a kitchen remodel or upgrade. Your return on investment from this sort of renovation can be substantial, depending on the extent of your renovations. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

  • Storage is key
  • Add lighting
  • New appliances
  • New countertops
  • Replace flooring
  • Upgrade cabinetry – this is one of the easiest ways to make a change in your kitchen; even just changing the doors can offer a completely different look
  • Add a backsplash
  • Update hardware such as handles, hinges, and drawer pulls
  • Install new sink fixtures

One of this season’s emerging trends in the kitchen is under cabinet lighting. Undercabinet lights add both beauty and functionality by offering undeniable style, plus the increased ability to see things when completing projects, tasks, or even just cooking dinner. LED lights will also aid in energy efficiency and are sure to offer the brightest and clearest light for your kitchen. 

Bathroom Improvements

Space is a big deal when it comes to your bathroom. You want to ensure your bathroom is large enough to be functional; the last thing you want is your door, shower, or sink to be obstructed by one another. If your bathroom feels small and stuffy, consider opening up the walls and adding a glass wall. This is a great way to open up your space without making too big of a dent in your wallet.

Additionally, a bathroom’s lighting, decor, and ventilation can make a big difference in how it looks and feels. Here are some improvements you could consider making to help with each:

Update the lighting

A good lighting scheme is key, but unfortunately, most bathrooms don’t come with one. It makes sense to replace that boring single bulb fixture with something more sophisticated, like recessed lights on the ceiling or wall sconces along the sides of your mirror. Both will add an elevated feel to your bathroom without requiring too much change. It can also be useful to add ambient lights in corners where you’ll want to relax or read, such as by the tub.

Dress up your bathroom

This area is where having a little fun is important because there’s little downside. You can find cute shower curtains for as low as $12, so even if you change them once every couple of months, they won’t break the bank and will keep things fresh in your bathroom for years to come. Convenience features like towel warmers and heated tile are two features most homeowners don’t think of, but the homeowners fall in love with them once they have them. Just imagine, no more cold toes in the winter!

ADA Accessible Spaces

Did you know the Jung Tile team will consult you on how to make your bathroom safer? Adding grab bars and other adaptive equipment is an easy way to help keep you and your loved ones safe. Most think they’re too young to need adaptive equipment, but the truth is, we are all one accident, surgery, or major life event away from needing help getting in and out of our bathrooms. 

  1. Access space – when designing your ADA-accessible bathroom, you’ll want to keep space in mind. Most who use wheelchairs run into mobility issues in small spaces. For this reason, lower counters are ideal. 
  2. Develop ideas that make it aesthetically pleasing while functional for your current life situation. You can still have your dream bathroom style while keeping the space accessible for all. Integrate your wants with your needs with the help of Jung Tile & Granite today!

Outdoor Living

The outside visuals of your home can increase the property value tremendously. Consider adding outdoor living space to your home. For example, you could add an outdoor kitchen, seasonal blooming plants, or updated lighting and seating. Each of these options are sure to increase your home equity while offering you an additional space to enjoy.  

Of all of the aforementioned options, plants and flowers are the most common, and there’s a reason why: they require minimal maintenance and add so much beauty to outdoor spaces. In Texas, having plants and flowers that survive well in the heat is imperative. If you love color, then geraniums and hibiscus are the perfect flowers for you; both are known for thriving in Texas. If neutrals are more your style, consider adding beds of sage or plumbago for your backyard oasis.

Final Thoughts

Once you have all your renovations completed, the time will be right to sell and put your home on the market. This could be a very easy and lucrative undertaking with a little effort, creativity, and critical evaluation of your current home. Now that you have a starting point, contact our teams of professionals here at Jung Tile & Granite to get the ball rolling. Our staff is here to help you get the most out of your renovations!

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